Listener discretion is advised. 

In this episode, D.J. goes off script a bit to talk with James Reyes' mom, Earlene. James' story of early childhood molestation and subsequent predatory behavior was featured on Episode Eight. Earlene insisted on giving her side of the story, as well as accounts of her experience dealing with various systems which are preventing James from getting the proper care he needs. D.J. offers Earlene the space to dive deep into her own hurt and pain and she recounts what it has been like for her to relive her own battle with sexual abuse as a child; managing her emotions as she fights for her son's rights; and moving toward acceptance of her son's emotional and mental health needs. This episode is truly heartbreaking, yet inspiring. 

Hosted by D.J. Burr - a Seattle psychotherapist and author of I Just Wanted Love: Recovery of a Codependent, Sex and Love Addict

Each episode of Journey On features real life accounts of sexual abuse and assault. You may be triggered by what you hear. I advise self-care tools; reaching out to a friend, seeing your therapist, picking a new time to listen to the show, or even listening with a group of friends. Take care of yourself first. 


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